Header templates are a Elementor Pro feature. Right is horizontal, left is square . Step->2: Select Header Options. Shrink Header on Scroll. In Layout tab, change the Height setting to Fit To Screen. Along with Sticky Header, it’s also important to reduce the height of the header. After naming the template, click the green “Create template” button. apply custom css on page header. That is how you can reduce the Section height in Elementor. Because the header takes the height of his child elements, we will need to change the height of the elements. There are a lot of cool things that you can do with the Section settings. Wordpress website with elementor designer plugin. Then, give that section a CSS ID of ' menuhopin ' and a Z-Index of 999. Add the CSS code given below carefully. Therefore, to change the height of the header, we will need to change the height of the menu items by reducing their padding-top and padding-bottom. I read, write and design constantly! I’m using Elementor with OceanWP. Because elementor page builder allows a non-coder designer to create 100% unique WordPress pages. First, drag and drop in HTML block directly into the header. What this does is hide the original logo image and display a background image in its place. You can use the sticky-header class. Typically, the site logo is aligned directly to the left of the section (and contained in the left column), While the Elementor menu is in the right column, and aligned to the right. It display on the entire website? Navigate back to your header builder, and select the overall column. Now, save the page, and navigate to your header on the front end. Finally, simply add the code below in an HTML Element. PlusSections Collection of 8 sections effects. Click to Copy