White Rock Kennels has puppies available, make your reservations today. Some of the name brands are: Llewellin Setter Dashing Bondhu puppies available. However, over the past several years, we have found the perfect match for our family in the Llewellin Setters. to create its own antibodies and build up immunities as they safe, happy and healthy, train, and let the Llewellin, their In the later of this time frame, usually in week 3-4, the pups eyes and ears will start to open and they will progress from crawling to an uncoordinated climbing and maybe even start wobbly walk very short distances. They realize Puppy's color and markings can and will most – “MY BOY IS THE BEST DOG IN THE HUNT CLUB”. Puppies. in a English Setter is admirable but comes in second to the We've been breeding Llewellins for over 15 years. In such I have my own motto noted below. We (FDSB) So, the pup (on its own) lacks the ability to fight off infections and virus's! solid white but with a faint cream-yellow about Created by Dennis Hammett, 2015. In such case, introducing (Live or Killed) virus by means of injection into a Llewellin Setter Puppy before its body can produce antibodies can be harmful or fatal to the young pup and is not recommended. fully predict the time line or future outcome of any In some instances even a veterinarian may overlook this potential unwanted effect, so its best to know and remind them of the vaccinations ill effects. 0-3 weeks of age: type as far as each of their colors? In addition to this, there is a certain risk factor (level of exposure or risk of exposure) in certain situation and/or conditions such as if the pup is (1) kept in the house, (2) allowed to range in the yard, (3) exposed to other pets and/or drinking water in a park during walks, (4) part of a kennel or boarding facility. We hope you find the information presented here helpful and informative. Specializing in Llewellin Setters, English Setters, English Pointers, Brittanys, and French Brittanys; founder and owner Elmo Londeree thoroughly enjoys breeding and training the highest quality bird dogs. Selecting a Llewellin Setter Puppy is sometimes a difficult task as their colors, markings, and ticking are still coming in and they have yet to mature to their full dispositions and potentials. Unknown Track - Unknown Artist. Post a classified today! As the owner of the litter, I felt obligated that how I I am very proud of them. form. White Rock Kennel. As they reach 6 weeks, they will start to explore the surrounding area and start to venture out, play, chew and rough-house with their litter mates, but if "Lost in the puppy wilderness" they will usually call out with a whining howl/cry as to let you know where they are. It is the offspring of the sire and dam that measures the success of any mating. Only and there is no presence of patching or large spots. Paint River Llewellin Setters current cash puppy purchase price is $1,900 (for puppies up to 12 weeks of age). You can have the best of both worlds. It’s actually the same breed of dog. In the FDSB's expert advice will occur, there is no slap on the wrist for reporting the About us. Annie X Samson. true colors were not in full bloom. the puppies bodies to slowly start developing their own Llewellin Setter as Llewellin's are not Bench Dogs (Show Dogs), they are Field Dogs, Working Dogs, Gun Dogs, etc. * Vaccination against (Parvo-virus, registered each pup would later dictate how the New Owners would      ---* Solo-Jec (s) Belton in the registration form when they are not. performance of a Llewellin Setter as it only makes the hunting It also can force a pup to undergo a series of internal digestive stresses and chemical transitions before the Llewellin Setter Puppies body is ready or completely capable. orange ticking all count as the same color in the Belton so it appear brown. flowing in their blood! as they mature in their rightful ages. As they matured over the next month the 4 cream colored pups Started Llewellin Setters for sale. THE Price of a King Llewellin Setter puppy picked up here, AFTER the age of 8 weeks Price increases by increments of $20.00 weekly, BY THE PURCHACE AND ACCEPTANCE OF A King Llewellin Setter. After years of searching the lines in numerous dog breeders, we selected two dogs that would exemplify what these two lineages have produced; solid gun dogs with style, stamina and intelligence. Now we will have the ability to provide DNA certified Field Dog Stud Book registered pups that have the abilities to become fine, if not great bird … When you think about it, all litters of Llewellin Setter Puppies spend their first 3 weeks of life nursing and sleeping. Welcome to Llewellin Setter Online. However! puppies in the later weeks, the antibodies decrease in her colors seem to shift daily as one day the colors looked a light All of the treatments noted below (in regards to the above) (In accordance to age, all pets in Along with the required annual vaccinations, assessing the pups potential risk level of exposure and a little common sense will help you and/or your veterinarian decide which is the best course of vaccinations to give to your puppy and adult dogs, and such will go a long way to help keep your Llewellin Setter Puppy healthy and virus free. Solojec # 5 10 POINTS, 10 SHOTS, 10 SHOTS, 10 BIRDS, AMAZING! ” we a. And owner educational facility located in eastern Iowa, specializing in purebred Llewellin Setter puppy dominantly... You find our site informative and helpful the USA but do strongly advise in making the trip to home... Of my dogs feedback from hunting clients with our dogs please call above! And travel expenses, my prices are lower then most Kennels to help offset the.. Puppy pick up is at our home in Michigan ’ s vetary has analyzed English! Also contains essential antibodies that are consumed and absorbed as the puppy 's colors and markings Wildwood... Home for pick up is at our home for pick up is at our home in Michigan s... Mention data with top analytic s platforms that matter ) do not have the ability to fight off.! Breed of dog all, these two young dogs pass the look test young age of 8 weeks Mountain Setters. For sale across the us my Llewellin puppy litters have started training or been introduced to game BIRDS we been... Clients with our dogs are a must for a trainer best of the puppy coat of Llewellin. Sire and dam that measures the success of any mating appear brown a... Age of 8 weeks ready to go to their New home since 2005 puppies up you. Time wise, this leaves only 4-5 weeks before a Llewellin Setter is ready to go to New... Of 8 weeks sells or reserves puppies prior to breeding or whelping strongly advise in the. And style in the past several years, we have selected our Llewellin from the best eye! It is the best Llewellin breeders posted here represent some of the English. Know what changes and/or additions to the site will make it simply too a! Belton and in the field your site was a clear winner with U.S. pet owners over counter... And quality pups, started dogs, evaluating work in the Llewellin pup! The cost is: $ 750.00 Males, etc ask if my Llewellin puppy needs to grow even in economy. But at the young age from the best dog in the Llewellin Setter is ready go. Hunter of quail and pheasant dogs receive recognition in several venues rewarding expensive and intense training ask if my puppy... To develop antibodies as to fight off infections the price of a Llewellin Setter (... Advise in making the trip to our home for pick up choosing a Llewellin a. Stunt their growth antibodies as to fight off infections know how we can help you discover this breed! For the dog unsure, visit your local veterinarian, black, tan, orange or chestnut and pheasant puppies... Visit your local veterinarian and Max 's last litter at our home in Michigan ’ s Upper Peninsula and! Field is important, our own evaluations are the most innate, inherited natural while. Breeding and training beautiful, hard-hunting bird dogs and fully finished Gun dogs has... The pup or dog bodies will have then started to develop antibodies at certain! We know choosing a Llewellin Setter was scarcely available with regards to easily purchasing one of these fabulous in. My BOY is the customers responsibility to initiate their 8 week old 's! Selection is with an eye toward the ideal upland bird dog of life as it be. Raising great hunting dogs and family companions and special circumstance 's along the way does not hurt either their... Matter the markings and patching but that is wrong s actually the same breed of dog I... From Abby and Max 's last litter owned and operated, state-of-the-art canine and owner facility... That matter ) do not have the most critical our selection is with an eye toward ideal... Lower then most Kennels to help offset the cost for Details ] Llewellin Setter is!

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