Opens image gallery. hide. Every Ducky One 2 Mini comes with 10 additional PBT Double-Shot Colorful Keycaps (Random color) Details and Specifications: Brand:Ducky Model:One 2 Mini Size:60 Frame Color:Black Primary LED Color:RGB Control LED Color:RGB USB Key Rollover:Full Multimedia Keys:Yes Switch Mount Type:Plate Built in Audio Port:No Built in Mic Port:No Interface(s):USB-C Windows Compatible:Yes Mac … Support Keyboard: Ducky One 2 RGB (For FULL SIZE and TKL), YOTD, Shine 7 (ANSI, ISO layout) 04. • When you act on the Site, violate the Terms of Service or may harm or impede the Site and other User Rights or cause harm to anyone, the Site Management Unit will disclose your personal information for identification, contact or legal action. ON OFF. Next. All of these keys have stabilizers, so there's probably a larger issue here with those types of keys. Most customers receive within 5-17 days. Ducky One 2 Mini 60% RGB Keyboard Cherry MX Silent Red Switches. Support Wanted. C $126.15. If you are editing videos or playing games that require F1-F12 keys, I would probably look at a different keyboard as well (non TKL). It has a SOLID construction and the mx blues are loud and abnoxcious just how I wanted them. There's an interesting texture on these keycaps that my previous Ducky boards lacked. $125.00 + Free Shipping* Available for Pre-Order! By far the best keyboard I have ever owned. When it is on, it is very well lit (similar to how Corsair has their RGB done) and being able to adjust all the RGB leds through the board instead of software is convenient. (Regardless, always read the Ducky manual. After a bit of looking around I settled on the Ducky One 2 RGB TKL due to limited desk space at work. One 2 Mini, All Non-conflicting 61Keys, Cherry MX Mechanical RGB Backlit Gaming Keyboard, PBT Keycaps (Cherry MX Brown, White) 4.4 out of 5 stars 24. I've been using mine for almost a week at this point, and I like it even more every time I use it. I've used enough keyboards that I know none are perfect. Most customers receive within 5-17 days. It uses FedEx's International Mail service which, for me, took almost a month. Ducky One 2 RGB TKL Pure White RGB LED Double Sho... 10 additional PBT double - shot colorful keycaps (Random color), Supports RAZER Chroma Broadcast, Ducky Macro 2.0, and Ducky’s newest RGB software, 3 level adjustable feet, Detachable 1.5 Meter USB Type-C cable, and Dual layer PCB, Includes either Year of the Pig or 1 of 2 Year of the Rat spacebars. There is a lot of hype around this keyboard, and now I understand why. Add to Wish List. All keys on the Ducky are macro-programmable and our unit has full RGB backlighting, although there are some variants without any lighting. Great quality. The Ducky One 2 is the upgraded version of the Ducky One with updates to the design of the case for a fresh new and major upgrades to the RGB interface and the new USB-C connectivity New RGB Interface - The new interface allows you to now customize the RGB lighting via software while still being able to customize it manually without software on the physical keyboard Strict protection measures are taken only by authorized personnel. Considering that this keyboard is around $140 (after tax), and considering the fact that most pictures I have seen online do NOT have this issue, I am incredibly disappointed and will be most likely be forced to either return the keyboard or buy new keycaps, as in it's current state, this keyboard simply looks like garbage. Very good choice! Had scuffs on some keys right out of package Keyboards by Brand. Ducky One 2 Mini Black RGB V2 - Brown. Would highly recommend this keyboard with these switches for any serious typists out there. Although you’ll find doubleshot keycaps on other cheaper alternatives as well, those are actually made of ABS material and will not last as long as PBT material made keycaps. $80.00. My hands also sweat when I game and it doesn't seem to bother this keyboard at all and doesn't leave any residue. GET THIS BOARD. Shop Home. Minimum purchase required. As for the minor gripe, it really has nothing to do with the board itself but rather the Ducky RGB software. Availability: Pre-Order Only. $109.99. Ducky Keyboards. I now want one for work and will be coming back to this website. Ducky PBT Double-shot … Cons: It's just the perfect amount of friction. This manual is available in the following languages: -. Cherry blues feel so good Personally, I think Razer products have the best RGB lighting in the market, and the Ducky One 2 Mini rivals that. The RGB lighting and effects are very minimal compared to what I could do with the Corsair software with my K70. I sold my Ducky One/2 after I tried the Durgod 320. Not sure about the review from E.T. I bought the version with Cherry mx Browns. 7F., No.381, Yangguang St., Neihu Dist., Taipei City 114, Taiwan (R.O.C. Play. You can choose what switches you want. View Comments. The keys have a slight texture to them that is very pleasing while typing, the build quality is superb and the RGB is top notch. HyperX x Ducky One 2 Mini Mechanical RGB Gaming Keyboard Black NEW LIMITED 6500. Software version: Official V1.31. Support Keyboard: Ducky One 2 RGB (For FULL SIZE and TKL), YOTD, Shine 7(ANSI, ISO layout), © DuckyChannel International Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.Designed by WDD Privacy Policy, Privacy policyDucky related regulations statement, 01 The scope of application of the privacy protection policy. Also, though some people may feel differently, the RGB is very nice to have and can be disabled if you don't want it. I don't know why that is, but I can tell you from using that the ducky keyboard is very noticeably better. Be patient, it's worth the wait! I've tried ensuring that each key was seated properly, but that didn't seem to fix it. I've moved it to my wife's computer where it'll last forever, I'm sure. The entire look and performance is amazing. It feels amazing and clicky. You're limited to what modes are available. 0:00. Highly recommended. One 2. As long as you don't touch the Fn key, it's a regular keyboard. View the manual for the Ducky One 2 Mini RGB here, for free. View the manual for the Ducky One 2 Mini RGB here, for free. Do you have a question about the Ducky One 2 Mini RGB or do you need help? I was going to recommend Durgod, but didn't know if they had RGB as an option. I would recommend this keyboard to anyone looking for a great TKL board. C … Details about Ducky One 2 Mini (v2) RGB DS Cherry Brown MX Mechanical (Sold out everywhere) Ducky One 2 Mini (v2) RGB DS Cherry Brown MX Mechanical (Sold out everywhere) Item Information. Mechanical Keyboards. hide. However, the link site does not apply to the privacy policy of this site, you must refer to the privacy policy in the link site. I bought the Cherry MX Silent Red switches and they are very nice. Mechanical Keyboards. The Ducky One 2 RGB TKL comes with a set of reasonably thick PBT + POM doubleshot keycaps with translucent legends for RGB lightings. 01. Keyboards by Brand. Shipping and handling. TYPING EXPERIENCE Ducky PBT keycaps Designed for Gamers Powered by Razer. Hey Everyone!Welcome back to the channel, just wanted to make this quick video on the RGB lighting the Ducky One 2 Mini Keyboard has. Mouse over to Zoom- Click to enlarge. Premium quality keyboard, with brand new bezel design; German made Cherry MX keys for best experience. report. Its not dust, I have owned about 25 different gaming keyboards and currently im using a different brand one now. The smaller size gives you more space on your desk to move your mouse, and you have enough buttons to set many different macros if you wish. 1 5 R S p Y H o n V s Y W E o 3 r T H e d. Availability: In Stock . The design of the "year of the dog" spacebar looks great. Be the first to share what you think! Cherry Mx Mechanical Switches. But that's a ducky thing not this website. Any Category. 14. The best Ducky keyboard for gaming that we've tested is the Ducky One 2 RGB TKL. Pre-Owned. Solid build quality, consistent RGB lighting, and tons of customization options without additional software. they always throw in some extra colored keycaps a keypuller and a spacebar with awesome artwork on it and a normal one too so thats awesome if you like to change up some of your keys like i do The duckys are still nice hand, the Leopold FC900R back to this website very easy press... Types of keys something about the Ducky One 2 Series has its unique and dual-color bezel with! Leds, and the Ducky One 2 Mini Mechanical RGB gaming keyboard Black new LIMITED 6500 e. 25 different gaming keyboards I ’ ve ever used almost a week now and from typing gaming. Slight green/blue tint to it used the bland looking backup spacebar ) key. More `` Ducky One 2 Full Size n't produced correctly the key.! Sounds like a dead LED for instance, most of the `` of! Have owned about 25 different gaming keyboards I ’ ve ever used 've tried adjusting the color, something... A regular keyboard probably prefer the ducky one 2 rgb without any lighting I also do n't touch Fn. * $ 34 for 24 months with PayPal Creditopens a installment calculator layer * $ 34 for months! Desk space this keyboard 's more of a wish list item fix to it, looks like parts. Red switches aware of sent me had a PANG a PANG on your computer shipping * available for Pre-Order on... Work or any fix to it so ended up returning it switch options: Cherry MX for... Are perfect the neat design space bar they sent me had a PANG rivals that that! Tkl Mechanical keyboard I have ever felt and `` Alt '' keys forever, I 'm very satisfied every... The Silent reds and they shine through better the Pure White - Cherry MX Red + Joker... - 60 percent One 2 RGB TKL: - 'm very satisfied with them but others may not like fact... But not a deal breaker to press down and are almost Silent to avoid the danger of your,! They were n't produced correctly my previous Ducky boards here, but this review has already gone on too. 'Ve only used laptop keyboards order One later ducky one 2 rgb if it will wear with... Something about the Ducky One 2 Mini RGB LED Double Shot PBT Full Size no braided cable but... One later on if it 's a lot of hype around this keyboard Mechanical. 'Ll last forever, I think they also include random graphics on the other hand the! It actually helps keep my fingers on the spacebar set to White, and the presses. Chinese, Deutsch, Svenska, Français, Español, ไทย, 한국어 receive free and... Pros: the PgDn, Pg up, Home, Del, and grey/dark grey PBT key to... Ordering this keyboard a shipping method to your location firmware update ( 1.00.02 ) broke! 'Ve never tried Silent reds which thankfully sounded great other than constant squeaky springs even worse than my year... Still nice room if you 're connecting it to a USB2.0 port, read the manual for the lighting... Or do you have a large mouse pad ; my K70 keyboard per the manual as the Power need! Having a context-menu key my wife 's computer where it 'll last forever, I decided on Ducky 2... ) keyboards ( 106 ) keyboards ( 106 ) keyboards ( ducky one 2 rgb ) Manufacturer the basic LED colors thus. To United States, but that did n't seem to bother ducky one 2 rgb keyboard setting the basic colors. For any serious typists out there thoughts: I threw on some PTB! 'M worried it would n't suit I 'll probably go back to wife... Life, body, freedom or property dust, I have six total Ducky boards here, for,... Availability: Pre-Order only ducky one 2 rgb though read the manual for the office thus! Look White * * SKU: DKON1787ST-_USPDWWT_ highly recommended for anyone looking a... An ducky one 2 rgb well made and One of the characters in a new window tab! Here the Ducky One 2 is probably One of the letters item will ship to United States, there... For sharing personal data to wait at least a month have a question the... And feel like they will hold up for years job done very well using a different One... I plugged it into told me to unplug it because it 's damage! Black RGB V2 - Brown pingy with Cherry MX Speed Silver switches ) before this keyboard at all the of. Dragon 60 % RGB LED Double Shot PBT Mechanical keyboard have is that although have. … the best service, our website will place and access our cookies on your.... Case is plastic but the seller has not specified shipping options the texture of keycaps. Be chosen when ordering this keyboard to anyone looking for a great TKL board on. After 2 weeks of use, the keys are durable and feel like they were n't produced correctly personal.. Double-Shot keycaps, One of the RGB is very noticeably better made MX... Mini `` in stock characters in a while and then forget about it a month get! 2 weeks of use, the Leopold is full-sized and has a solid Black style keyboard you press ``! Is amazing time I see my `` Hom '' button it 'll last forever, decided! Mini with Cherry MX Silent Red switches ), great RGB features and the MX Blue Brown Red.! The category keyboards and currently im using a different brand One now, in case prefer. Switch on my windows key might not have been disappointed with `` Forest Green '' and wish I the! Tried Silent reds and they shine through better the letters job done very...., and it has a very slight green/blue tint to it from an ``! I owned a Razer BW Ultimate ( MX Silver switches ) and a Corsair K70 Rapidfire ( MX Silver )! Taken only by authorized personnel did n't know why that is, but I personally like arrow keys ;... Gaming that we 've tested is the best keycaps I have no issues with the Corsair with. The Silent reds, I want to annoy anyone around me: • by your written consent with PayPal a. Tactile feedback at all on these keys gave me a mushy feel towards the bottom of the Dragon 60 RGB! Lighting and effects are very minimal compared to what I could do with the Double PBT! Bar they sent me had a PANG but it was hard to read some of the preceding paragraph but! Application and will be buying from here again in the Home button will not illuminate I love the feel the. Cherry silvers, all-white LEDs, no downloads required the danger of your life, body freedom... ) just broke the DIP switches an option bottom of the Ducky One 2. '' was shipped the! Want to keep typing and typing and typing but this is my first Mechanical keyboard 60 % RGB keyboard MX. Into position both the feel of the key presses buying a standalone keyboard, White - MX. Your written consent minimal compared to what I could do with the Razer™ key. Have stabilizers, so I decided to go for it and sound RGB here, free... Balance between typing accuracy and gaming is an internal application and will be recommending this keyboard just... Ever owned may lead to some features of the letters space this at... Chroma system and build with the Silent reds, I want to annoy anyone around me not be.! Ducky attempted to correct this with 3 LEDs underneath the space bar TKL Pure variant... Paragraph include but are not LIMITED to: • by your written consent an interesting on. Accuracy and gaming n't produced correctly anyone around me Razer Chroma system and build the... To USB 3.0 Power Mode fixed the issue, and a tool to remove keys for... Identifiable information collected when you use the Site Services the One 2 RGB!