The junction is attached straight to the tank inlet.Thanks! :), Question Part #: TTHU9339. None of them work and it’s terrible that I had to spend hours on it. By now, the problem should be fixed. Here, we talk about the 5 most common problems you may experience with a Toto toilet. To fix this, it is recommended to check the P-trap or S-trap on the toilet. The brass shank will make the installation of the stock Toto parts foolproof. WASHLET TM. I tried using a flat rubber washer on top of the fiber washer. Life-changing technology that brings wellness to life. A WASHLET™ is a toilet with integrated bidet functionality. If the sound is gone, then you’ve successfully fixed the problem. EACH. Shop for Toto Washlets & Accessories at By using our site you agree to using cookies. Here’s how to fix it: You will have to check whether the wax seal below the toilet is installed well enough. I understand Or do you have awkward smell issues? You can follow these steps: Start by testing the flush process. 2 years ago This Water Filter Drain Valve for Washlet offers great function and value for your toilet. Five years previously, in 1912, Okura had set up a laboratory to develop the kind of sanitary ceramics that had become common in Europe and America. I hand tightened it and then used a wrench for a little more tightness at the end. 10 months ago This should let the valve start working as it should. Cleansing with soothing warm water is more comfortable than traditional toilet paper that can sometimes be rough. LeetPete, thanks a ton for your advice on this. It could be clogged or broken. The fiber washers work by expanding slightly when they contact water, creating a seal that won't crack and leak like rubber washers do over time. If it does, then you’ve successfully fixed your leaking flapper. Use this article as a guide, and you will find the problem for sure! Once you’ve assembled the fill valve again, then you can test it. Does the toilet make strange noises when filling? I'm going to go to Lowe's tomorrow to buy a brass flat washer. Man, you saved my day.i spent the whole morning to solve the problem until i saw your post.i rush to the home dept and bought the extra brass washer , and follow exactly the way you suggested, problem solved!!!! I hope Toto is able to address this issue since it seems like many customers encounter this leaky pipe. If you are having trouble selecting the right WASHLET for your toilet, then this TOTO WASHLET comparison guide is just the thing you need to make an informed decision. I noticed that my fiber washer had a ring dented in it from the beveled edge of the tank connector, which gave me the idea of the brass washer. None of what everyone posted fully worked for me. A common problem of this toilet design is when its fill valve … If I hadn't replaced that part less than six months ago that would've been the route I took. If it does, then you’ll need to reinstall the toilet and fix the wax seal below. Thank you so much for posting this information. I had this problem and tried many different combinations of fiber washers, o-rings, conical rubber gaskets, flat brass washers, sealant tape, metric thread adapters, etc. Still leaked. WASHLETs; TOTO toilet parts; Fill valves; Flush valves; TOTO bathroom sinks; TOTO lavatory faucets; Bathtubs; Commercial fixtures, like TOTO urinals; Parts ; And more! 392W x 582D x 134Hmm. It worked! Add to Cart $ TOTO Washlet® 1.28 gpf Toilet Tank in Cotton. In the 38 years and 8 months since its launch in June 1980, shipment volumes have been growing steadily. Toto. Your recommendation for the flat brass washer worked great and saved me a lot of hassle.I gotta say that I am really disappointed in Toto for this poor valve, lousy instructions and poor customer service. I ordered BrassCraft "Water Supply Rubber Cone Washer Assortment" at Home Depot online. WASHLET / ECOWASHER. I tried almost all the same failed things you tried and my fingers and back were so sore from doing this over and over to try and fix it. Price: $115.50 - $161.70. At one point it was right at the top where the metal part attaches to the inlet part of the toilet but now it's a leak within the junction parts only.Any ideas to solve that leak? If it opens and closes as it should – then it isn’t the problem. This thread is so f**king useful and saved my day. This is also common and happens more often than people think. This was the only combination that would make the connection between the tri-connector and the tank inlet tight enough. I think the key to success here is having a good surface for the plastic connector to seal against. Still leaked. I used a conical rubber washer that fit perfectly inside the bevel of the tank connector but could not even get the thing to grab the threads (too far away). If the fill connection to the tank float intake is CONICAL on the inside, then you may need to install an extra gasket to avoid leaks. Pull the lever or push the button and watch whether the flapper comes back to the flushing hole/valve. All to no avail. After installing a Toto S550e yesterday, I would encourage purchasing the Fluidmaster PRO45B Adjustable Ballcock. And we’re going to help you fix them accordingly. I barely could get the threads to grip and it still leaked. If cleaning it doesn’t fit the problem, then proceed to change the chain. You’ll need to take the fill valve off. TOTO Washlet® Junction Valve for B100 Elongated Toilet. Ultimately, this ordeal cost me several hours of time, some back pain, and $7 that I spent for a variety pack of washers from Lowe’s. Doing it by yourself can be costly and end up in damage to the toilet or floor. Toto washlets can be installed on most toilets, but as always, there are some exceptions. Now you can reassemble the water-delivery system, turn on the water flow into the tank again, and test that the toilet is working without making a sound. TOTO 3-1/2 x 4 in. My Toto is leaking from the top of the plastic part and the bottom of the top metal part of the Toto supplied junction. Start by hooking it up to the chain and then to the flapper base. The WASHLET TM has improved hygiene standards with its warm water cleansing system and through recent developments in DEODORIZER, auto functions and more. It usually contains everything from the chain to the flapper, the fill valve, and additional items necessary for the toilet to work. So, are you aware of the many Toto toilet problems you may experience? CURRENT HOURS Mon-Fri 8am-430pm, Sat 8am-130pm. Then check whether the smell persists. I recently purchased the Toto S300 and spent half my Sunday trying to resolve this leaky junction valve. TOTO is the gold standard in bidets, bidet toilets, and seats.The company makes a variety of models, but the entry-level Washlet C100 is packed with features for an enhanced bathroom experience, including a heated seat and water, a dryer, and an automatic … This will fix the problem completely. Now attach the Junction Valve to the toilet tank as normal. What a disappointment! There is so much to love about TOTO. Did you get a 7/16 inches washer and can you share where you get those? Launched in 1980, WASHLET began a revolution. The closest I got to a proper seal was using a brass washer then a flat rubber cone washer, but I was still getting a drip every 5 minutes or so.I called up Toto and they sent me a replacement T connector, but not identical to the one that came with my C200 (which was mostly metal), but part #THU6234, which is mostly plastic. I'm so thankful for this thread! The toilet should be working now with no leaking at all. on Step 2. Is your Toto Washlet S300 / s350 Junction Valve leaking at the tank connection? I don't have to worry about any cracks from plastic fatigue, distortion of the plastic parts from a "true" round shape, and having metal parts is just very reassuring (especially after cross-threading the old float's shank after trying trying a couple different cone-shaped and brass washers). Inside the dedicated tank are a fill valve, a flush valve and a flapper that efficiently bring the water from the tank into the bowl each time you flush. Glad this worked. Auto Flush Kit for Aquia® IV Washlet®+ S500e MW4463046CEMG Close Coupled Toilet. Light only turns on when the lid is open. Screwed that on, only needed to hand tighten, and I have not had a leak yet. I'm so glad to find your post. Question Take the ball off and remove the armature. If not, then there’s probably something more serious happening and doesn’t have much to do with the flapper. Quick view Compare Buy Now. Thank you!!!!!!! TOTO SW583#01 WASHLET S350e Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat with Auto Open and Close and EWATER+ Cleansing, Round, Cotton White - SW583#01. If after checking the P-trap, you find out it is not working correctly or broken, then you may need to change the whole toilet. When you have a toilet that doesn’t flush, it can be because the Toto toilet … My toilet is brand new, I tried tightened the fitting with plier, use cone rubber washer with the fiber washer, and loosen then tighten it a few times. and thickness) you installed? I am glad that I was able to figure this out eventually, though it sounds stupid. Then it is probably the start of the mechanism, which often means you’ll have to replace it. Toto Toilets Washlets Neorest Bathroom Sinks & Faucets TOTO has developed the world's 1st zero-gravity bathtub in which bathers experience total weightlessness. I've read that teflon tape is only to be used in non-compression fittings. I was able to install the new float easily and after removing the old one could set the correct height of the new one by matching the length of the parts. To make it work I needed to purchase the Toto THU9090R 6-Inch Wash Let Hose Extension Kit for C110/E200/S300/S400 Washlets. And NO water leaks any more. ... TOTO WASHLET A100 Bidet Toilet Seat. EACH. Take the lid off the tank and flush. After checking filters, problem is hard water deposits clogging the tank/wand. Water Pressure. 1 year ago. $3.50. More information in our Privacy Policy! So far no success--will look to either trying OP's flat thin brass washer or look to calling TOTO to get a second plastic junction valve instead. Did you make this project? $1,456.00. I had the same experience with customer service - following their instructions to replace with a brand new intake didn't change anything. Vertical or Horizontal Sausage …, Top 12 Best Popcorn Oils: Reviews in 2021(Recommended!). You should replace the washer on the bottom, clean the interior of the valve, and proceed to place a new washer and re-arm the valve. Can you please share the washer size? This could be because the flushing mechanism is not working correctly, or because the fill valve is clogged or broken. This refers to when the plastic piece on the tank that prevents water from flushing starts letting water go into the bowl without any activation. Again, we recommend calling a professional to fix your infected water issue. For that, start by turning the water flow into the tank off. 2 years ago. Want to flush, but it doesn’t? Such a shame that Toto doesn't include some sort of solution in the box, especially for such a high-end bidet. So far I've tried the washer that comes with the washlet and not using a washer at all, but no luck. So I believe there was some sort of minor defect with the metal T connection that kept on letting water out. If you are using a non-Toto toilet w/ the seat the threading is off which is why you have leaking. Cancel $ TOTO Washlet® C100™ Rubber Washer for C100, C110, E200, E200 and 220V Washlets. This fill valve can vary depending on the type of toilet you have. 50 Million WASHLET TM Sold. Which Is Better? Then test the toilet to see how it’s working. We recommend following the same measurements as the original one (even though most flappers are the same diameter). I also replaced the fill valve with one that had a brass bottom (Fillmaster Pro45b) to make absolutely sure I wasn't stripping the connection. Model #THU451.10A-A. Scene 1 -Hi this is Jensen with bidetsPLUS and today we’ll be reviewing the TOTO C200. Sometimes, the flapper just doesn’t reach the hole because the chain broke, or it is stuck. If it starts making the noise, then lift the float ball and see if it keeps going. If it does after flushing manually, then the problem can be the piece itself. Here, you may need to proceed with the previous issue and repair as required (tightening, adjusting, or replacing the flapper). Adding a brass washer didn’t do it for me though. With the cap on your hands, look for any sign of dirt or deposits and clean them. First launched in 1980, this innovation has revolutionised bathrooms across Japan for nearly three decades. Best Baguette Pan: Reviews 2020 (Recommended!). Instead of following the official Toto instructions: Junction Valve > Fiber Washer > Tank Inlet... Junction Valve > Fiber Washer > Brass Washer > Tank Inlet. Flush the system to empty the tank too. It embrace holistic design principles because of performance, quality, functionality and customer satisfaction are just as important as … Reply I removed the fiber washer and tried the conical rubber straight against the flat brass insides of the T connector. If you see no water coming into the tank, then the fill valve is probably clogged. Shape. 2. WASHLET TM. Shop both in store or call for curbside pickup. Cumulative shipments of the electric toilet seat with bidet function, WASHLET TM surpassed 50 million in March 2019. We recommend contacting a professional to do the reinstallation. Our toilet won’t fill with water. To fix, you’ll have to clean it. The official Toto instructions DID NOT WORK in my case. Hope you and your bum enjoy your new Toto! Test the fill valve by flushing the toilet again. I was desperate to fix the leak at toilet float intake and junction valve for Toto B100 (Discontinued model). Part #: TTHU765 Best Wood for Smoking Turkey: Review 2020, 10 Best Shower Doors for Small Bathrooms: Reviews 2020. I added thread-sealing tape and tightened the female nut down with a crescent wrench as tight as I could. Do you have Toto toilet problems? PP. If not, you will have to replace the valve completely. Make sure the fill valve is not getting any water flow. Last but not least, you may also be experiencing a problem with the smell of the toilet. They really have to sort that thing out. Haven't seen anyone mention this yet: there are two different TOTO junction valves. @LeetPete successfully used "a combination of a flat rubber washer followed by a cone washer" to stop the leak. When the flapper is a little loose, it starts letting water go into the bowl. To fix this fill valve, you can proceed to replace it at once. TOTO TOTO® UltraMax® WASHLET®+ One-Piece Elongated Dual Flush 1.28 and 0.8 GPF DYNAMAX TORNADO FLUSH® Toilet with S550e Bidet Seat Model: MW8563056CEMG $1,589.70 I bought two TOTO C100s at the same time and each came with a different junction valve (one of each.) This should be enough to fix the entire flush system and get your toilet working once again. How to Use a Baguette Pan: Very Easiy Process! Which Is Better? The trick is, do NOT use the fiber washer at the tank inlet at all.Instead, I use a flat rubber washer inside the T valve, on top of it is a brass flat washer, and then another rubber cone washer (just mimic a supply line with cone shape end). Square. ), Clean, modern two-piece round bowl and tank set | Toilet seat is not included, Product dimensions – 26-5/8” D x 14-3/8” W x 30” H | Flush valve – 3-Inch Flapper Style | Rim size – 22-7/8” D x 12” W x 16-1/8” H | Rough-In – 12” | Tank size – 7.5” D x 15-1/4” W, ADA, WaterSense, CALGreen, and CEC compliant, E-Max 1.28 GPF flushing system, creates a powerful flush, Universal Height for more comfort across a broader range of individuals, WASHLET bidet seat toilet with integrated dual flush toilet with 3D Tornado Flush technology, Front and rear warm water cleanse with five adjustable temperature and pressure settings, The CEFIONTECT glaze and PreMist function gives the toilet bowl a lubricious quality that helps prevent waste from adhering, Features luxury auto open and close lid and seat with heated seat, warm air dryer, and air deodorizer for added comfort, Universal Height, ADA compliant, WaterSense certified, and CAL Green compliant.Trap Diameter:2-3/4 inch. I thought I had a bad one, so replaced it to no avail and then tried replacing it a second time. However, when I tried, the thinnest conical completely shut off the slow leak!!! Other issues can be a leaking P-trap, a broken seal, or clogging inside the P-trap. See when the toilet starts making its sound. Build Your Own. Here, you can proceed to adjust it as necessary. This should save you a few minutes/hours of work. It came with two kinds of brass washers and three kinds of rubber conicals. Proceed to clean it as necessary. TOTO SW3036#01 K300 WASHLET Bidet Seat. Update: I fixed it! Here’s how to repair a toilet that won’t flush: Start by checking the flapper. The Toto Washlet S300e is fully automated, including an illuminated remote control with 5 spray settings, heated seat, and instantaneous water heating. However, TOTO also offers a regular toilet with a lifted tank that combines G-Max flushing technology with a special glaze on the bowl to clean the toilet with each flush. The fiber seal helped on the supply line to T valve sealing, but does not work at all at the tank inlet end. I did not use any teflon tape in any parts of the assembly. We are on a well and do not have a water softener. Open the tank of the toilet and flush. Since then it has attracted the attention of the rest of the world with its thorough cleansing capabilities and appealing comfort features. About: UX Director, Product Manager, & Metal Sculptor w 3D scanning modeling printing, IoT electronics, SaaS prototyping, RC Arduino Domino Layer With Bluetooth App Control, Using a Washlet … Just hand tightening made a good seal, but I added a 1/4 turn with a wrench to make sure. View all the available WASHLET from TOTO. I tried a half inch and it is too big. Besides pipes may be clogged is there any other known reasons for this? Flimsy junction valve. I'll go get the Brass washer, but can you let me know what size of the washer (dia. Yes, it's $15 (vs $4 for the washers) but now I never have to give leaks or flooding a 2nd thought, and it is far less money than the THU9090 extension hose route which negatively keeps it all plastic. And 3/8 is a little small. 2 years ago. I'm also surprised that so many people need to do different approaches to stop the leaks. It was a concept so innovative and so intelligently designed that it reinvented the way people perform the most vital daily ritual of the day. Toto Toilet Won’t Flush. TOTO History ( 1917 ) The company is established by Kazuchika Okura under the name of TOYO TOKI CO., Ltd., which is later renamed to TOTO. Toto has finally engineered a fix - SUCH good news. Whatever the problem you may have – we’re going to help you fix it with this article. Find My Store. 14 Best Elongated Toilet Seat: Reviews 2020 (Recommended! In case you want to pass on testing your toilet for flushing issues and instead fix it once and for all – then you can always go to a hardware store and look for a Toto toilet repair kit. The brass washer might even out the pressure, allowing the fiber washer to do its thing. Unfortunately, brass washers are two small to use. This creates a flat surface for the toilet tank inlet to sit on without adding so much space that the nut cannot be screwed on far enough to seat correctly.